Pawsitive Change ​Matters Most

"Positive anything is better ​than negative nothing."

Elbert Hubbard

Without positivity and kindness, the world is ​an ugly place. For the animals we advocate ​for and serve, it so often already is.

The main objective of Pawsitive Change Matters Most is ​to tackle shelter overcrowding by focusing on animal ​rescue, community resources, and finding alternatives to ​owner surrenders.

Some strategies we will use to achieve this goal include ​providing Spay and Neuter Community Assistance, ​organizing vaccine and microchip clinics, and offering ​pet food and supply assistance.

Pawsitive Change Matters Most currently serves Madison, ​Estill, Owen, Laurel, Powell, Clark, and Rockcastle ​Counties in Kentucky, as well as Montgomery and Preble ​Counties in Ohio.

How Does Pawsitive Change ​Matters Most Help?

Animal Rescue

Our primary rescue mission is to save ​dogs and cats to prevent them from filling ​up already overcrowded shelters, ​ultimately easing the strain on these ​facilities and improving the lives of these ​animals.

Spay and Neuter Community ​Assistance ​

We offer support to pet parents to spay ​and neuter their pets to help curb the ​increase of an already overwhelming anim​al​ population.

Pet supplies concept.  Pet Stainless bowls with toy on isolated white background.

Community Assistance for

Pet Food and Supplies

No one should ever go hungry. Sometimes ​a pet owner will surrender because they ​weren't aware of resources or alternatives. ​We seek to fill this gap when needed.


How You Can Help

There are countless ways you can help ​us save lives and spread pawsitive ​change and kindness. You can make a ​donation (any amount helps), volunteer ​for events or transport, or by offering ​your home as a foster parent.


Foster a dog

SUNFLOWER - Born 4-6-24

Female Boxer/Husky Mix

CORI - Born 4-6-24

Female Boxer/Husky Mix

Daisy - Born 4-6-24

Female Boxer/Husky Mix

Aster - Born 4-6-24

Male Boxer/Husky Mix

FOX - BORN 4-6-24

Male Boxer/Husky Mix

SUSAN - BORN 4-6-24

Female Boxer/Husky Mix

COSMO - BORN 4-6-24

Female Boxer/Husky Mix

NAILA - Born 3-14-24

Female Husky/Retriever Mix


This sweet, extraordinary girl is friendly and affectionate. She is a ​caring companion and loyal to her loved ones. Eva is gentle, smart, ​playful, athletic, independent, curious, with a dignified and brave ​spirit.

With her medium energy and athleticism, Eva loves to jump in the ​air, showing off her aerial ballerina moves. She is professionally ​trained by Blue County K9 with nearly perfect recall and redirection.

Eva is a special dog, but is a bit particular with dog friends and would ​do best in a home without other dogs. She is a very loving dog who ​enjoys showing affection to her favorite people. It's rare that Eva ​doesn't instantly fall in love with strangers. She's a great listener and ​loves to sit next to you, enjoying the comfort of her person's ​presence.

Eva is a unique, timeless soul, despite her approximate 4 years on ​earth, and she is looking for a forever home where she can be cared ​for, go on adventures, and feel safe.

If you think you could give Eva the home she deserves, reach out to ​schedule a Meet and Greet with her today!

Apply to foster-to-adopt Eva here:

adoption fee
Fully sponsored


This sweet, easygoing boy is friendly and affectionate. He ​loves cuddling with his brother or person. Ezra is playful ​with a medium energy level. He is smart. curious, and ​loves people!

Ezra does well around other dogs and cats, as well as ​children. He was recently fostered in a home with a toddler ​and they loved each other!

Ezra is neutered, updated on shots and preventatives, ​microchipped, and vet checked. He's eager to find his ​forever home!


Apply to adopt Ezra here:


Meet Liam, a sweet and easygoing boy who is ​friendly, affectionate, and enjoys cuddling with his ​brother or his favorite person. He has a playful ​demeanor with a medium energy level, showcasing ​his intelligence, curiosity, and love for people.

Liam gets along well with other dogs, cats, and ​children, having formed a special bond with a ​toddler in his recent foster home. Neutered, up-to-​date on shots and preventatives, microchipped, ​and vet checked, Liam is eagerly looking for his ​forever home.


To apply to adopt Liam, visit:


Austin is a loving, affectionate and super sweet boy. He was ​born on 3-14-24 and has been neutered, microchipped, ​and vet checked. He's up to date on vaccines and ​preventatives, and he's approximately 24 pounds.

Austin is also working on house training.

He is:

✅️ Affectionate and snuggly

✅️ Easy-going and chill

✅️ Curious and goofy

✅️ Playful yet gentle


To apply to adopt Austin, please visit:

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